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Management & Leadership Values

The culture of an organization is a system of norms, policies, practices, incentives, and expectations within which individual and collective competence may flourish. The conditions of work, and the mindsets and assumptions of those responsible for these conditions, is of vital importance if excellence is to be achieved. Douglas McGregor, in clarifying the distinction between Theory "X" and Theory "Y", proposed that all management practices stem from one's personal beliefs about the nature of people and work. Teleometrics' research clearly shows that McGregor's Theory Y philosophy leads to the creation of a culture in which people can do their best work.

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  Self-Survey>> Managerial Philsophy Scale (MPS)
The MPS, carefully researched and validated in a study of 16,000 people, has proven to differentiate...
Price: $14.95  Item No. 1160
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  Co-Worker Feedback>> Reality Check Survey (RCS)
The co-worker feedback companion to the MPS. We recommend a min. of 3 RCSs for each MPS used to maximize...
Price: $15.95  Item No. 1165
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  Sample Pack>> Management Values
This Sample Pack Includes: 1 - Harwood Dilemma Group Exercise 1 - Management of Motive Index (Self) 1...
Price: $29.95  Item No. 7501W
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  Models for Management>> Module 1 - Management Values
Using an actual databased group exercise, which affords participant feedback on personal beliefs, coupled...
Price: $69.95  Item No. 7501
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