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Empowerment & Use of Power

Power and authority are a part of our working lives no matter what type of organizations we are in. We all exercise power, even though organizational leaders are most often seen as having and controlling power. Nothing has a greater impact on managers themselves, their direct reports, and their organization, than how they manage and share their power. Research confirms that a manager's power style differentiates the truly productive manager from their less productive colleagues.

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  Self-Survey>> Power Management Inventory (PMI)
The PMI enables leaders/managers to assess their own power motivations and power style. Part one examines...
Price: $14.95  Item No. 1080
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  Co-Worker Feedback>> Power Managemement Profile (PMP)
The co-worker feedback companion to the PMI. We recommend a min. of 3 PMPs for each PMI used to maximize...
Price: $14.95  Item No. 1085
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  Group Exercise>> Co-Worker Relationships
Influence and the dynamics of power is a core issue in determining both managerial and organizational...
Price: $14.95  Item No. 7100J
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  Models for Management>> Module 5 - Empowerment
This module is designed to address a core issue in determining both managerial and organizational competence....
Price: $74.95  Item No. 7505
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