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Training Materials and Survey Instruments >>

For over 30 years, we have been publishing research-based, validated training materials and instruments that have been utilized by literally thousands of consultants and coaches.  Why?  Because the addition of these materials and instruments add the needed elements of awareness and validity to any training and development process. 

Diagnose Organizational and Individual Development Needs >>

The 360DNi - Development Needs Inventory offers a concise and data-driven analysis of organizational and individual development needs.  Consultants utilize the DNi to:

  • Justify the need for training and development with prospects and clients.
  • Plan and customize training and development processes based on client needs.
  • Coach managers and leaders.
  • Measure the effects of coaching and development processes.

Management Training and Leadership Development Programs

For years, management consultants and coaches have been using Models for Management as the basis for management consulting and coaching.  Why?  Consultants using MFM:

  • Offer research-based and validated development processes vs. armchair and anecdotal theories.
  • Increase revenue per client by engaging in long-term developmental processes vs. event-based training.
  • Utilize assessment and measurement tools that are integrated and contextualized to the learning vs. offering tools and processes that are not designed to integrate with each other.
  • Enter into a consultative / coaching role built around the learning vs. strictly a teaching / training role.
  • Utilize our blended learning processes to achieve more flexibility in delivery for their clients vs. traditional "classroom only" based programs.
  • Measure the effects of training and development.

Models offers an integrated process of awareness, assessment, learning and development processes.  Based on over 30 years of research, Models for Management represents one of the few empirically validated and data-based leadership development processes around today.

Train the Trainer Program >>

Learning how to implement Models for Management is easier and more flexible than ever with our blended learning program that utilizes self-paced eLearning and live work-sessions facilitated by our experts via distance learning.

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